29 October, 2010

hectic week~

test and test and test~
its all about test~
monDIE- plant diversity
tuesDIE- biostatistics
wednesday- chill a bit
thursDIE- WUS(exam!)
friDIE- animal diversity + trial exam biostatistics

im getting crazier..
i cut my own hair~

am i too stressed out @ is this normal??

ponnn~ pon~ pon~ poooonnn~
whadahack is going on in my brain??
JAMMED! ouh.. dem..

with all those PALAPES event.
problem with THOSE SELFISH-errrr..
they only think about themselves!
tooooooooo~ selfish!
i HATE those peoples!..

its really STRESSED me out!

mom, angah nak balik..
boleh x?? tme study week je angh balik..
angah janji angah study kat rumah~ :)
phellllleeeeaaase mak~